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Welcome to Little Friends Preschool!


We are a home-based academic preschool and TK (Transitional Kindergarten) program for children ages 2-5 years old. We offer full day and 1/2-day options tailored to fit your needs. We are located in Ventura, Ca near Johnson Dr. and Ralston. Our unique preschool is attached but separate from our home. Family preschool/TK is not comparable to facility based, cooperate preschools, public schools or childcares. It's a small number of families in a relationship with a child development professional who will most likely be working with your child for years in an environment that becomes a second home to your child. It's families whose children will form a special bond over their formative years. It's parents who become friends. It's a village. We believe that our mixed age group program is the most beneficial to children. We maintain a 1:6 ratio at all times. Our teachers are a mother and daughter team. Our lead teacher is a former elementary school teacher with BA in Child Development and a multiple subject teaching credential. We are Licensed as a large family childcare (Facility LIC#566215755). Space is very limited as we can only have up to 12 preschool/TK children. Most of our students start at age 2 and stay until they start kindergarten at age 5. 

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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide a safe, loving, and educational environment for all children in our care. We believe that the first five years are the most important time in a child’s life. We believe that children have the right to a nurturing, safe environment where they can feel comfortable and secure. We believe that children have the right to develop to their maximum abilities and that we have the responsibility to provide opportunities for this development to occur. We recognize that each child is an individual and that each child must be allowed to develop at his or her own pace. We accept and respect differences between children including developmental and physical differences and differences in racial and ethnic heritages. Every child regardless of ability level, gender, race, religion, or ethnic origin must have the same opportunities and advantages as every other child. We believe each child has the right to develop a positive self-image – to feel good about whom they are. We passionately hope that in treating each child with love and respect that they in turn will learn to treat others with that same love and respect. We strive to thoughtfully plan activities that meet the developmental needs of differing children and which follow sound early childhood developmental principles.

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